Featured Customers FlowExpress

Xilinx Inc., a Fortune 500 semiconductor company in San Jose, has installed Project Request Tracker to coordinate 2,000 users and 20 marketing projects staff.

ActionMessage.com, creator of the world's most sophisticated email marketing management software, uses Project Request Tracker for new creative design requests.

Installation Requirements

Project Request Tracker can be installed on your intranet web server on:
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Unix operating systems
  • a webserver like Microsoft IIS, Apache, Netscape, iPlanet or other
  • a relational database like Oracle, MS SQL server, Sybase, MySQL, or Postgresql
  • admins can assign projects to staff, and track and manage the projects

FlowExpress Professional Services

FlowExpress Professional Services is available to:
  • install Project Request Tracker
  • integrate Project Request Tracker with your intranet
  • host and manage Project Request Tracker on a dedicated Internet server on your behalf
  • or to customize Project Request Tracker for your unique requirements.

We are ready to help you with your Project Tracking needs. Please contact us to learn more at sales@FlowExpress.com